information on atf legislation changes

V L Test Systems has been supplying roller brake testers to the vehicle inspectorate, now driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) since the late 1980's.

For over 65 years we have been providing our customers with products which consistently stand for quality and a long product service life, testament to that, we have Brake Testers supplied over 20 years ago still in operation in the marketplace. Our goal is to be number one in our industry worldwide, with key innovation allowing us to set new standards and drive developments in the market and in 2022, V L Test Systems introduced the 6th Generation Brake Tester.

V L Test Systems has been a major supplier to the Commercial Vehicle including the ATF marketplace since the approach was adopted by VOSA (now DVSA) introduced in 2010. We have been working with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to update the Brake Tester Specification which has not been updated for over 20 years, and has been led by the industry,

These changes include:
• On-screen instructions for transmission brake.
• Centralising vehicle on roller set.
• Rear axle(s) hydraulic brake fall-off test for PSVs.
• Live warnings of when bind and ovality thresholds breached.
• Advisories for efficiency, bind, ovality and imbalance on printout.
• Overview of the system(s) tested so that amendments can be made if brake code is incorrect, for example park brake positions.
• Time lag test removed.
• Tyre protection.
• Easier to understand printouts.
• More comprehensive calibration.
• Warning on the printout if the equipment is out of calibration.
Alongside Legislation changes:
• Centre Drawbar efficiency 50% of Total Axle Weight (TAW) for trailers Jan 2012 onwards
• Secondary brake imbalance.
Error Reduction
• Transmission Brake fail overruled if one lock occurs.
• Secondary imbalance added, often missed by staff/industry.

These help and support the industry as follows:
Increased understanding of the brake printout for industry diagnosis – resulting in fewer fails at annual test and when used for inspections, can lead to better road safety
Fewer errors in the brake test as the equipment will conduct more of the human calculations
Reduction in test time (on some vehicles) due to the ability to amend the systems before test commences – before, the test would need to be restarted in semi-automatic mode on some machines, increasing test time.

We at VLT are actively talking with the DVSA and many of our customers who are ATF sites, and providing information and support about the options available to them to meet the new changes, should you need more information please contact our sales team at or call 01280 822488.

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