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1958 – 2018


February 8th 2018 marks 60 Years of business for Van Leeuwen Test Systems and is more importantly a landmark for Mr C Van Leeuwen, the founder of the business, who on this day celebrates 60 Years of owning and managing this successful worldwide company.

Mr Van Leeuwen having been an engineer, first established his business as a Brake specialist. The company started supplying Braking components and in particular supplying and fitting Heavy Goods Vehicles with air pressure and vacuum brakes. As the business expanded he focused on his desire to improve existing braking systems.

In the early 1980’s Van Leeuwen started developing and manufacturing Roller Brake Testers and the associated Vehicle safety testing equipment, which due to it’s high quality, VLT is now a leading worldwide supplier of.

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Congratulations Mr Van Leeuwen on 60 Years of Business Success.

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VLT Factory & Growth


As Mr Van Leeuwen has driven the business forward over the last 60 Years, so the need for a bigger and better factory has grown with it.

VLT’s factory & Head office is based in Etten-Leur in the Netherlands, where the business has operated from since moving to the location in 1978. The state of the art factory is now a significant development from the small building where it all began in 1958.

As well as the Headquarters in Holland, VLT also has offices in Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and of course the United Kingdom. Testament to the hard work of Mr Van Leeuwen and his colleagues over the past 60 Years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]