particle counter

Modern diesel engines are quite clean, provided the soot filter is present and working properly. A soot filter can get clogged, or even malfunction. In that case the filter must be cleaned or replaced. Unfortunately, sometimes the vehicle owner has the filter removed altogether. When the filter has been physically removed, it is ‘programmed out’ of the vehicle software, so that the removal of the filter remains undetected during an (E)OBD check. This is why in ever more countries a particle count is mandatory during a periodic inspection of e diesel vehicle.
The VLT-E9700 particle counter is very advanced and uses modern techniques that allow detection of the very small nanoparticles. The ionisation method makes sure that the smallest particles are detected in the exhaust gases. No additives, like alcohol, are needed to perform a test. With this tester you can measure the number of particles when the engine is idling. So, the check for the presence and operation of a soot filter is quiet and easy in the workshop. A powerful pump allows you to check a volume of 6 litres of exhaust gases per minute. This makes it possible to use a long hose with the stainless-steel probe. The electronics and display unit has large and easy to read displays, indication led’s, control buttons with indication led’s and a printer. It is connected to the smoke chamber with a data cable. It also has connectors for connecting an rpm sensor and an oil temperature sensor.
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