Frequently asked questions

To account for business meetings and holidays we prefer for people, in the first instance, to contact our departments on the numbers below:

Service : 01280 822488 Option 1
Sales  : 01280 822488 Option 2
Accounts  : 01280822488 Option 3


We provide the best quality equipment and best sales and after Sales care in the UK and where we support our UK customers abroad. As you can imagine the load and stress placed on a RBT when testing an HGV or Coach or Fire Engine or Crane or Trailer or Tank Transporter is large.

Our equipment is manufactured by our parent organisation in Holland. They use the best quality steel and provide the best motors, gearboxes and bearings for any RBT in the world.

V L Test Systems Ltd is a UK limited company registered to our headquarters in Buckingham, Bucks, England. Our Managing director Theo van Leeuwen is based in Holland, where he is also head of the Van Leeuwen family of businesses. Theo’s father Cornelis started the business from new over 65 years ago. Fortunately, as Theo directs all operations he has the ability to ensure that we receive our quality products from Holland when needed.

We do not offer finance, but we do have the names of several finance companies that work with our customers to provide finance agreements. Whether you can get finance depends upon your business’ circumstances and the finance companies will work with you to come up with a solution.


Yes, yes , yes. It is your choice how much help you want. We have supported multiple ATF lane installations and garages that want to do it themselves apart from the final equipment commissioning. We are here with our team of experts to advise you all of the way.

A member of our Sales team will visit you and discuss your needs and provide drawings of equipment layout and locations.

We do also acknowledge that the people with the expertise about the workshop, tends to be the customers. You know which areas are liable to flood and what sort of ground your site is built on and if there are any issues with your water table etc.

We do work closely with a range of Civil Engineering companies that specialise in Garage equipment Pits and Installations. We can take an order from you with the equipment and arrange for them to then contact yourself for the installation timing. Their details are on this website. Alternatively, you might find it easier to manage and cheaper to contact them direct or use your own local engineers.

Which ever way you wish to tackle, as proprietors of the land you are responsible for what is underneath the surface, which ever team undertakes the civil works.

We have engineers in Scotland and our Sales Area Manager Gerry McDonald is on hand to discuss your needs too. We have many contented customers in Scotland and would welcome you joining the hosts of satisfied clients.

Our engineers cover the whole of the UK and also receive the same look and feel and of high quality customer service whether based in Penzance or Aberystwyth or Thurso or Sunderland, Great Yarmouth or Dover or any of the wonderful towns and cities in between.

We started on a rebranding journey to change the company from Yellow ~ including Vans, business cards, and other items to our new Blue, Grey and White.