Our services

ATF Lanes

Without doubt, our ATF lanes are amongst the best in the UK. Leading Companies, Scania, Volvo, MAN and many Independent hauliers have chosen VL Test as their benchmark for Full Commercial Test Centres. All equipment is Authorised by DVSA for Testing and with the assistance of our Technical Sales Team, we can assure you of not only a Comprehensive choice of equipment to suit your needs, but a truly professional Installation and step by step guidance to training on each particular equipment.


Our installation services provide you with the assurance needed when investing in your workshop. Our services range from layout design, test lane fitment, ATF installation and much more. V L Test Systems Ltd ensures all of our codes of practice our legitimate, safe and of the highest standards. We employ our own service / installation engineers, whom are trained to the highest possible standards. Each member of staff is briefed on BS and ISO standards and any applicable Health and Safety statutory requirements, giving our customers peace of mind.

Spares & Parts

Here at V L Test Systems we have world class approach to supplying your Garage /Workshop equipment. It is just not about the sale but the after sales support too. Our millions of pounds of parts and stock in the UK differentiates us from our competitors. We understand the commercial aspect and full life cost of equipment, that’s why after two and a half decades of loyal use our customer come back to us for the latest model of equipment. We have the best coverage of engineers for any RBT provider, each with their own van stock, this comes to hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment in supporting our customers. To compliment the van stock, we have our UK Warehouse in Buckingham, that delivers parts by courier to all places within the UK.

Service & Calibration

V L Test Systems Ltd provides excellent customer care every step of the way. Our maintenance services consist of preventative maintenance service and calibration contracts of the VLT brake tester, headlamp aligner, VLT wheel play detectors and certification and standardised approved stationery. V L Test Systems Ltd have over 15 VLT trained highly experienced engineers capable of offering a range of services that will enable your test lane to function the way it should and for longer. Our maintenance and calibration services are covered by our VLT trained engineers, situated across the UK, ensuring you receive a quality local service by our nearest engineer to you.

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